Airsoft and Vortex Optics – The last optic you’ll need to buy ?

May 28, 2019 - Uncategorized


Airsoft sights are notoriously fragile at times and can need replacing after a heavy knock or BB strike, Is there a better alternative?

We give you Vortex Optics for your consideration

  • Who are they? 

Vortex is a well established American company who are leading the market on unparalleled customer support. They have an impressive range of weapons optics, that will suit most budgets and shooting styles. Most the thing that really makes them stand out is the VIP warranty.

Vortex Optics SPARC AR Red DOT
Vortex Optics SPARC AR Red DOT on High mount

But why should I buy Vortex for airsoft?

  • Let’s talk about that VIP warranty,

How many times have you brought that perfect red dot but have had to replace it because a stray BB hitting the glass? or do what I do and decide that your favorite scope needs to be bashed into that a door frame.

Not to worry with any of the Vortex products! Their Very Important Promise ensures that you will never be without an optic ever again.

  • What if your sights get damaged?

They will fix or replace an unlimed amount of times, yes that’s a right UNLIMITED amount of times.

  • As a nice bonus,

Because Vortex Optics are designed for real firearms they won’t un-zero on your airsoft gun even under heavy recoil and quite often will withstand most knocks that an airsoft sight would shatter under.

What styles of sights do they offer?

Because Vortex caters to a wide range of real weapons you will have a wide range of optics to choose from, Their red dot range, as well as their lower end rifle scopes, are becoming incredibly popular with the airsoft community for obvious reasons.

Vortex are no strangers to 3 gun challenge

So do they on make gun sights?

  • Vortex doesn’t just cater to the real steel and airsoft markets,

They also have a range of bird watching and clothing choices available. Airsofters often take great pride in their Vortex hat collection or you often see them wearing T-Shirts and shirts.

Also available are some of the best range finders on the market, allowing you to really sight in that airsoft sniper.

Why not have a look?

We have an extensive range of Vortex optics for both your airsoft gun or your other optical related hobbies both Online and Instore