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Yet another brand new Tokyo Marui model for 2018! The Scorpion Mod.M is a fantastically compact and seriously impressive submachine-gun which is the perfect solution for close quarter fighting.


  • Compact Mechanical Box: Conventional electric gun performance condensed into a compact mechanical Gearbox. It is now possible for Tokyo Marui to manufacture more compact models while maintaining hit accuracy and shot distance.
  • M-LOK rail system: Adopting the latest rail system “M-LOK” on the side of the front hand guard with rails above and below. You can add rails of the size that suits your needs. Three sizes –  3 slots, 5 slots, and 7 slots are included for each M – LOK rail of width 20 mm (Picatinny standard). They can be easily detached with the supplied hexagonal wrench.
  • Folding stock: Resin made lightweight stock, the butt plate grooving providing slip prevention, with improved stability when deployed. When the stock is folded, the butt plate becomes a stable fore grip.
  • Reversible type flash hider: The flash hider of the strike face shape can be changed to a flat, safer design by installing it in reverse. Also, if you remove the flash hider, you can install a 14 mm reverse screw accessory such as a silencer or tracer unit.
  • Modern design: The outer collar and trigger, the bolt cover, the gold color which imaged the titanium nitride coating was adopted. The waffle pattern of grip and magazine is a design that makes it hard to lose your grip.
  • EX conversion adapter included: 7.2 V micro 500 battery can be used by installing the EX conversion adapter.
  • Continuous magazine attached: Includes 260 shots and a continuous magazine adopting a resin outer case.


  1. C.jonesy2010 (verified owner)

    A real head turner, a small yet elegant smg for any one who needs a secondary other than a side arm.

    The bolt is fully functional and the magazine holds a surprising amount (roughly 230) of ammo.

    As with most Tokyo Marui weapons the small batteryand the charger is a bit tricky to get hold of, but don’t lose interest because of this all you need to do is pray to the eBay gods and you’ll be sure to come up trumps.

    If you’ve been a good boy/girl a magic packet of Haribo might land on your lap too. ( YES THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME)

    ?? CJ

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