Tokyo Marui MTR16 Gold Edition

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  • Powerful Blowback : The 19mm cylinder provides the MTR16 a strong and fast blowback recoil.
  • Durability : Every parts of the MTR16 are designed to resist to the blow back recoil. The Z-System enhanced the durability of the bolt catch, the piston absorbed and the friction relief bolt roller minimise the impact of the bolt’s cycle on internal parts, the barrel clamp gives more stability to the barrel and help to keep the barrel screw tightened.
  • Realistic Gimmicks : The various typical characteristics of the M4 are reproduced on this MTR16 Carbine. The bolt handle can cock the hammer and chamber the first BB, once the magazine is empty the bolt locks backward, the bolt stop is functional, the stock can be extended on 6 positions, etc. The disassembly is also realistic.
  • Cerakote : The upper receiver and the lower receiver are painted with Cerakote material provided a very nice mat finish and a durable protection to the MTR16.
  • Muzzle Options : Beneath the flash hider is 14mm anti-clockwise thread on which can be installed suppressors or other flash hiders fitting this thread.
  • Aluminium Die cast Magazine : The 20 rounds spare magazine is made out from die cast metal and is resistant to gas cooling. Its weight is almost the same as a real steel magazine full of bullets.
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