Tokyo Marui M40A5 Black

By Tokyo Marui
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Realistic Appearance: The outer barrel, the muzzle brake, the receiver, and the mount base are all made out from alloy metal (everything except the stock) giving the M40A5 a realistic look and durability for gamers. ● Fast Operation: The cocking indicator allows the shooter to check if the bolt is cocked or not. The new bolt of the M40A5 avoid malfunctioning during the cocking operation by locking the bolt. Moreover the bolt stroke is 68mm only for a fast reload action. ● BB Load System: In order to have a realistic magazine well Tokyo Marui designed a loading system for the M40A5. The M40A5 is unable to shoot when the magazine is out or empty by not loading the BBs into the chamber for more security. ● Trigger System: In order to feel the sear firing point while pulling the trigger an actuator system has been added. The trigger pull weight and stroke are also adjustable to your liking. ● Mount Base: The M40A5 features a mount base to attach aiming devices such as scopes, and also a secondary 20mm Picatinny rail system that allows the shooter to attach even more accessories. ● Press Magazine: The magazine can hold 35 bbs. For more realism the outer case is made with pressed steel. (scope and bipod are not included!)

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