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Tokyo Marui – No.02 G18C Gas Blowback Full / Semi – Black is a high quality Gas Blow Back replica of the unique G18c Gen3 Select Fire pistol, capable of Semi Automatic as well as Fully Automatic fire. The pistol features the fine craftsmanship expected of Tokyo Marui; out of the box the pistol performs flawlessly, with a Smooth Action and Satisfying Recoil, thanks to Tokyo Marui trademark magic. At the flick of a switch, the G18C can be made to fire Fully Automatic, emptying the 25 round magazine in seconds. Externally, the finish is the usual outstanding Marui Quality, with the G18Cs iconic boxy Slide with Muzzle Compensator Ports accurately captured, and the Ergonomic Pistol Grip with Moulded Finger Ridges perfectly replicated. The various markings are crisp and clearly legible, and all exterior surfaces carefully crafted in a way which makes them almost indistinguishable from the real thing, you wont find any excess flash material or rough edges here. The Lower Frame features the G-series Gen3s under barrel 20mm Accessory Rail, capable of mounting lights or lasers. The G18C has the G-Series Two Stage Trigger Safety, however it also features an additional Trigger Lock Safety, in the form a Slide Lever, disguised by the Serial Number Plate in the Lower Frame. What we have here is an incredibly popular pistol in Airsoft given the Tokyo Marui treatment, finely manufactured externally and internally, and capable of reliable, consistent performance straight out of the box.

  • High Quality Gas Pistol
  • Tried & Tested Marui Design
  • Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic


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