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Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior 4.3

After much anticipation and the popularity of the TM MEU pistol, Tokyo Marui have debuted another first for airsoft. This time, the Desert Warrior 4.3 has been released and from the surface, it looks like a custom 4.3 hicapa but you’re not wrong in thinking that. It’s actually Tokyo Marui’s custom 4.3 designed specifically for the enthusiasts that are reproducing the dessert load out.

It comes in a nice matte finish in Tokyo Marui’s interpretation of the desert tan, which can be better described as a matte mix between tan and dark earth. Featuring extra wide ambidextrous safety, Novak sights custom grip and a rail adaptor.

This 1911 delivers a nice crisp 280fps using 134a gas capable of firing over 2 magazine’s worth of ammo per charge of gas under warm conditions.


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