Tokyo Marui 416 Devgru

By Tokyo Marui
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  • Shoot & Recoil Engine: The HK416D DEVGRU CUSTOM “recoil shock” system provides a recoil with the bolt movement every shots. The gun is equipped with a system that stops the shooting once the magazine is empty to increase the realism and functions of the replica.
  • Muzzle Options: The AAC type silencer is attached to a AAC flash hider. Under it is found a 14mm CCW thread that allows the setting of other accessories.
  • Back Up Sight: Front sight is adjustable is height, rear sight is adjustavble from right to left. The sights are attached to a 20mm Picatinny rail and can taken off in order to equip the HK416D DEVGRU with scopes and red dots.
  • Custom Parts: The DEVGRU Custom is delivered with a TD type pistol grip. The stock is extensible. The vertical grip provides better stability when shooting. It has a space where a tactical light or laser pressure pad can be placed by removing a panel.
  • Metal body: The receiver, the outer barrel, the buffer tube and a lot of other parts are made out of metal. The barrel is a full float barrel with no contact with the handguard for better shooting stability.
  • Realism: The fire selector is ambidextrous, the trigger guard is movible. Every small functions of the real thing are there!
  • Stamped steel magazine : A 82 rounds steel HK type magazine is included with the HK416D DEVGRU. (this magazine fits other Tokyo Marui Next Gen M4s)ATTENTION : THIS REPLICA USES A BATTERY (SOPMOD BATTERY) NOT INCLUDED.
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