By Tokyo Marui
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● 4.3 Inch Slide : The slide has serration points on the front and on the back of the slide for an easy handling and control even when using gloves. ● Railed Chassis : A 20mm Picatinny rail is integrated to the frame. It allows the installation of different accessories such as tactical lights. ● Ergonomic Style : In order not to catch the gun in the clothes or other accessories, the HiCapa 4.3 has a low profile design making it very compact and simple. It has a double hole ring hammer and a short tail grip safety. ● Tactical Rear Sight : The rear sight is fixed, made out of one piece of diecast metal. ● Lanyard Ring : A lanyard can be attached to the ring situated at the bottom end of the grip. ● Powerful Blowback : The HiCapa 5.1 is a high kick and high grouping GBB. ● High Capacity Magazine : The 28rds spare magazine is made out of diecast metal and resist to low temperatures.

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