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The receivers of the M.A.R.S. are machined by CNC milling process, giving it an aggressive look and geometrical surfaces, a design that complies with the standards of AR-15 components.
The logo is made by an expert laser engraving technique. All components are made in Taiwan.

The MARS Lightweight Keymod Handguard is a modern-looking design built in high-quality aluminum alloy and engineered to handle the hardest and most demanding use of tactical and competitive shooting. It is also CNC machined and coated by hard anodizing for added durability.

The UKSR Precision Adjustable Stock provides fine tuning on the cheek piece height and the butt pad length, offering 12 precision adjustment levels for the custom needs of snipers. Additionally, UKSR offers a large internal compartment that allows batteries of larger capacity to be easily installed.

Additional Information

Gun Length 980/980mm
Barrel length 458mm
Weight 3610g
Muzzle Velocity 129-135 m/s (424-444 FPS)※
Battery Type 9.6V Ni-Mh or 11.1V Li-Po
Connector size Small connector
Mag. Capacity 300 rounds
Spring M120
Motor Long
Material Full Metal

1. The product specification is for reference only and may be subject to change.
2. Battery type is recommended, not included.
3. For AEG with M100 spring, it is recommended to use voltage 7.4V Li-Po or 9.6V Ni-Mh batteries.
4. Muzzle velocity is measured with 0.20g BB’s, and is adjusted to comply with market regulation/requirements for specific countries as shown below:
    Below 106 m/s (350 FPS): Belgium, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK


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