G&G GC7A1 Combo

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G&G GC7A1 Combo
This item: G&G GC7A1 Combo
£399.95 £339.96
£399.95 £339.96
ASG BLASTER 3300 0.25G
1 × ASG BLASTER 3300 0.25G

In stock

ASG Auto-stop charger, LiPo LiFe

G&G GC7A1 Combo

The GC7A1 is based on the appearance of the C7 assault rifle  issued  by  the  militaries  of  Canada.
The  rifle  also comes equipped with a 4x Elcan scope and the front sight sight features a tri-rail module that allows the installation of lasers, flashlights, and other tactical accessories.


  • Material –  Aluminum / Steel / Zinc / Polymer / Nylon / Fiber
  • Motor – Standard Motor18000rpm (Long)
  • Gear box bearing – 8mm ball bearing
  • Inner Barrel Length – 510 mm
  • Magazine – 450 Rounds
  • Overall Length – 1040 mm
  • Weight – 3780 g

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G&G GC7A1 Combo

G&G GC7A1 Combo


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