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A Clear Edge: A review of Edge Tactical Eye Protection by Angelo Di Vito

The following review was supplied to us by Angelo Di Vito as an independent review of some of the glasses supplied by Edge Tactical.

Thank you Angelo for allowing us to use your review on our website.

A Clear Edge 

A question I would ask of Airsoft players is, ”what is the most important bit of kit in your bag?” Now my answer would be eye protection as I’m sure it would be with most players. Now this is an area that is usually limited to two types, Perspex or other clear lens protection and mesh or alternatively a helmet with built in eye protection. I have used mesh for many years for the simple reason I could never find any clear glasses that wouldn’t fog up the second you get warm and start breathing. This is compounded if like me you like to wear a balaclava when playing…..It’s a nightmare. The one advantage mesh does have is that it can’t steam up but that is traded off against the chance of someone using crap BB’s and they shattering and going into your eyes. Another risk with mesh is the coating on the inside might not be great and flecks of paint could go into your eyes and you can barely see anything when the light fades. So my quest for Perspex glasses went on with me trying pretty much every brand on the market. Even with the claims of the makers and the use of anti-fog I got nowhere, admittedly I am a sweater. But then I was looking at the many Facebook posts from the IWA event this year when I came across a company called Edge Tactical Eyewear. They claimed like many others that they had designed Perspex eye protection that they guaranteed would not steam of fog up. Yeah yeah yeah I thought I’ve heard and read this all before but visited their website anyway. By the time I had gone through the website I was intrigued to know more about them and try them for myself a write up my findings. A big bonus was the products looked great too. 

About Edge 

My initial contact at Edge was with Paul Carter who was very keen to get a review written in English as previous reviews were done in Europe and the Far East where Edge are very popular, not just in Airsoft but with the military and police alike. I was then contacted by Stephane Pitiot, President of ACCOM International who is managing the International business development for Edge Eyewear and we agreed on a way forward. 

Edge Tactical Eyewear are not knew to this in fact it is the contrary, they have been making Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for over 20 years out of there base in Layton, Utah – USA. They actually started their tactical range 5 years ago and have been going from strength to strength being extremely popular in Europe, America and the Far East. All the tactical lenses aside from the polarized and tested to the standards MCEPS, ANSI, Z87.1, EN166F and are also CE approved. 

The Technology 

VS Vapor Shield is the Edge Eyewear anti-fog system which is not a regular coating or dipping it is permanent on both sides of the lenses which they claim is their biggest argument against competitors. More about this in the testing………..does it work? 

TT Thin Temple are available on most models now this makes the arms on the glasses taper out to a thin, almost point. This allows you to wear the glasses very comfortably under a helmet or ear defenders like Sordins. Also very useful if you wear a baseball cap or any other kind of head gear. 

Nylon Frame technology means the eyewear frames are very flexible making them very unlikely to shatter or snap when hit. I have lost count of how many videos of people testing Airsoft eye protection I have seen where they only shoot at and test the lenses. I’m lucky as I have never had any eye pro break on me but I have seen many incidents where it is the frame that has failed and not the lenses. 

The TPR technology is only available on the Blade Runner model which also have rubber on the frames to prevent them slipping off your head. So enough of this let’s move on to talk about the models I was sent to test and review to see if Edge Tactical Eyewear are as good as they claim. 

The Models 

Sharp Edge, This model has a very similar look to some Sawfly or Oakley models they even come in a similar hard case. These have interchangeable lenses, dark (called G-15), clear and operator orange (called Tiger’s Eye). They also have the Thin Temple and Vapor Shield technology and came with a soft cleaning cloth in the case. The fit is very nice and they will easily fit under a fast helmet or any other kind of headgear. 

Hamel, These have a classic kind of square shape to them and look very operator. Again they are very comfortable to wear with no slipping and will easily fit under headgear or ear defenders. They come with Vapor Shield and Thin Temple technology and available in various frame and lens colours. In addition to this you can get a foam gasket insert if you want to have them fit more snuggly and are simply clipped in, it takes 10 seconds and even less to remove them. 

Notch, These are very much a similar design to the Sharp Edge but do not come with interchangeable lenses but you do have the option of different coloured lenses when you order. These also have the VS and TT technology and are also very comfortable to wear. 

Blizzard, Now Edge don’t just make glasses but they also make goggles. The goggles are fully enclosed and can be fitted with a prescription insert for the players who need to glasses or contact lenses. The lenses in the goggles have a triple coating of Anti-Scratch (same as any Edge Eyewear model) so they should last you a while, another option is a field case that is adapted with molle attachments and is easily folded up. And these also have VS technology. 

All the products I received and tested are MILSPEC. 

There are other models to choose from see website for details  


So on to the really important part, are the claims of Edge Tactical Eyewear actually correct? The products arrived in less than a week from Edge in Utah, very impressed with that and were all nicely packaged and cam with a soft case/bag that you can also clean them with. I just want to mention that Edge Eyewear recommend that you only use a soft cloth or a very minimal amount of clean water to clean the lenses, no soap no detergents. 

Prior to them arriving I posted up on Facebook that I would be on a live feed with the Edge glasses to showcase them to the Airsoft Community, at this point I hadn’t tested them. After unpacking the products I decided to do a bit of testing of my own prior to the live feed. I put all the glasses in the fridge for two hours because cold Perspex hates warms faces. After the time was up I removed the lid off the kettle and got it up to boiling. I then held each pair over the steam to see what would happen and to my absolute astonishment aside from a tiny bit of condensation that simply just dripped off the bottom. The second I removed them from the steam they were clear….very clear. Ok whilst they were in the steam there was a tiny bit of fogging but then when are you going to be playing in a sauna or kettle? I’ll be honest at this point I thought to myself, have I finally found Perspex eye protection that doesn’t fog up? I think I have. 

So it was time to showcase to Airsoft players here in the UK. During the live stream I wanted to show the players how the Edge glasses perform in an actual scenario as not many players have a kettle with them when they play. I had two other brands of Perspex eyewear to benchmark them against and though a good test would be the balaclava test. So live on Facebook I put the balaclava on and tried the other brands, both of them steamed up within 10-15 seconds of heavy breathing, for purely scientific purposes of course. I performed the exact test on the Edge glasses live on air and after upwards of a minute I gave up, The Notch ones were the only model where I got a tiny bit of fogging but as soon as I stopped with the heavy breathing they immediately cleared. I simply couldn’t get them to fog up. 

I also tested the frames, they are very flexible and durable surviving many shooting tests I performed on them as did the lenses. And all this is available in so many configurations to suit every player out there. 


As many of you know I don’t pull any punches when it comes to testing and reviewing products, I would never say anything but what are find findings. Edge Tactical Eyewear have clearly thought long and hard about the design and technology used in their products. The usability, comfort and aesthetics of this eye protection is absolutely first class, I can’t fault it. 

Huge thanks to Paul Carter from Edge Eyewear and Stephane Pitiot from ACCOM International for supply of the test products. 

View all the Edge Tactical eyewear we have to offer here

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Such as my life in the 10+ years in airsoft….

Such as my life in the 10+ years in airsoft….

Well let’s start from the beginning

It all began with a very close friend of mine started talking about airsoft while we were on our lunch break, at first I thought he was talking about paintball (please don’t hate on that comment), but then when I had finished my shift I started where anyone else would do and googled it. It opened my eyes to a whole different world, being that the fact I was 18 and call of duty modern warfare was the in thing I was hooked.
The next day I said to him I want to go play airsoft but I didn’t have any of the gear at all, luckily he had been playing a few years prior soo he had all the gear and happily lent me some.

After I had played I was looking at all the different guns everything was on there: all the m4s you could ever want, ak’s, g36’s, mp5’s, ect. The gun I chose as my first was an AUG…… I know, I know, some people absolutely despise them and some love them. She was my baby I adored everything about it, granted my one was a JG variant (as I couldn’t afford a Tokyo mauri). But I’ve never been in an airsoft shop at this point as none were local to me at the time if there was one like Onlyairsoft maybe my choice would have been different.

The AUG is a bullpup and being a bullpup it had its pros and cons, bullpup means long barrel so you can get decent range in a compact form. However that means that the gearbox is at the back of the RIF, basically when you are lining up the shot and pull the trigger you do hear the gearbox a lot more.

The clothing side of things never really attracted me at the starting point. So all I used to wear were a £10 DPM bottoms and top set off of amazon and a borrowed vest (O how things have changed). Again maybe if there was a shop like Onlyairsoft closer to me I might have been more persuaded into getting some better gear.
So fast forward about 4-6 months, my friend who has got me into the sport says “hey fancy trying to get this possible game site up and running.” Hell yeah I do! So we get quite a few of us together and starting trying out the land as it were. There were only 12 of us but it was a good laugh. The site was brand new to airsoft it was an outdoor pursuit’s sort of establishment, so it done clay pigeon shooting, archery, air rifle target shooting and more. They agreed to keep on letting us play to keep on playing to try and get it all set up.

Fast forward again and the site is up and running really good turnout for the opening game day more than what I’m used to but I know the land which is going to be fantastic and a home field advantage. I’ll never forget that day it was blistering hot and the rye fields had just been harvested that morning everything was going so well except when I decided to lay down. And my face pretty much immediately puffed out. But it didn’t put me off of playing at all.
Airsoft was in my blood at this point I know it’s a sport that I will carry on but I didn’t know how things would turn out.
On part 2 of this blog I will go through a lot of changes mostly becoming a marshall and get my first real taste of teching. I leave you with the picture of my face after that day my face looked like I went through 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Peace out.

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Starting Airsoft – Keyring

So one of the main questions I get asked is “how did you start airsoft?” well it was actually my brother who got me started. He found airsoft on the internet and it absolutely fascinated him to the point where he’d already started gathering lots of ex kit from market stalls and small shops.

So with all this kit arriving in my house, I asked the question “why are you getting all this stuff?” he subsequently explained the whole sport with examples from youtube videos and other blog articles on social media. So my Mum overhearing this conversation googled local sites at the time and booked us in for rental at Red 1 the school. Looking back on it turning up at a close quarters site in just a t-shirt on my first day may have been a mistake but hey ho life goes on. 

Anyways we turn up to the site my brother in the car with full kit and me in a t-shirt and trackie bottoms. We pull up and the first person we see is a guy in full police kit, scar H with built-in grenade launcher… Obviously my mum’s immediate response was “I’m not leaving you here. We are going home” which I can’t blame her for as it was quite imposing, but then we step out of the car to have a look around and the same guy who scared the life out of us came over. He asked if we were new and took us on a guided tour of the site and helped us get set up going through the rules as well. Typical story of don’t judge a book by it’s cover as he was one of the kindest people i’ve met to this day. So we started to play and the adrenaline rushed pushing through rooms both me in my rental kit and these guys with all the real stuff. Bbs hitting the door frames around me as I was ducking in and out of cover. Talking with teammates working out how to get into the room without getting hit. It was actually quite the workout compared to my normal sitting on the xbox. 

When it hit lunchtime we were just looking around at all these amazing bits of kit and talking to people from all different walks of life. We made a few friends that day and exchanged numbers and altogether left the day absolutely buzzing. Hooked on this new sport although I will admit the following day I did ache all over. Soon we were getting kit from all over the place and cycling through guns like there was no tomorrow trying to find the right platform.

We are now 7 years in with an abundance of kit and experience but nothing will beat the thrill of that first game with my G&G Carbine rental gun pushing round the corners with my new found friends. Who I am still in contact with to this day.

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Women have NEVER had it easy in Airsoft. Since the early beginnings of airsoft, we as women have had to overcome many hurdles and push social boundaries, to create a safe environment for the Women of Today. The last thing we bloody need is ill-fitting clothing and gear that swamps us! 
In what is considered a man's industry, companies that specialist in Women's Airsoft  gear is few and far between! And please do not patronize me with a tactical corset or I'll show you were you can shove it! But don't you worry ladies, your Auntie Foxy's got you! Here's a list of my gear hacks, so you don't have to make the same fashion mistakes I did... And boy was there alot of them ! 

Now before we start, a little bit about little old me. Your girls got a whole load of curves, bumps and lumps. She got THICK with a PH thighs and wide hips (apparently great for birthing - yeppp I cringed too - thanks mam!) And broader shoulders than an NFL player with there pads on. I am a proud Size 14 and doing my part to represent in my own way all the curvy girls out there. As you can imagine, finding gear that fit let alone complement me is hard work! Let's start on top...

In today's market, there are sooo many different plate carriers available from Crye Precision CPC for all you Gucci gangers to your £30 eBay unbranded bargains (we've all done it at some point). But as women, we need something that not only provided protection and support, but we also need something that actually fits. Introducing the first contender, from Virginia USA, it's the LBX- 0300S.

LBX 0300s aka the closest to perfection I have ever found. I first came across this plate carrier when I traveled over stateside for the very first time to play at TCA: Stonebreaker 2 (I think). At that time, I was using A Warrior Assault System DCS, which I'll come back to later. In a nutshell, my teammates Supe ,Sheep and Precious were all using LBX plate carriers and I tried one on and was amazed how small the chest plate was (8x11") but how well it fitted. It didn't look too bulky or like I was wearing a training bra. 
The plate carrier itself comes in an array of colours and patterns such as Woodlands, MTP Mas Grey and Navy etc. The cummerbund is fully adjustable to fit from sizes 32" right on up to a 46", meaning if you are a little bit larger in the chest you aren't going to fill like you are spilling over the sides and you aren't going to feel constricted. And for all your pouches, well your in luck as there is molle for days! The LBX currently retails for $159.99, roughly about £131 pounds (with the crap rate due to Corona Virus) 

Now, if your like me and likes nice gear but is a right tight arse with money I have the perfect solution... Introducing the challenger, from somewhere in Bedfordshire UK, it's the new kid on the block, the Viper VX Gen 2 carrier. Guys, I'm not gonna lie before these were release I was a little bit spectical about how they were going to redesign it and the general fit of it. Between you and me, I wasn't a fan of the first VX plate carrier (I know, unpopular opinion right) as I thought there was wayyy too much padding making me look bulky and it was constricting. Don't get me wrong, the quality of it and construction was bang on so hats off to you Viper! But the GEN2, Its such a better fit hands down, from the cut of the plate, to the padding in the front and back panel and how adjustable it is.  The whole system itself still completely compatible with the whole Viper VX range meaning that utility rig you bought the first time round will clip right in. It comes in various colours and patterns such as VCAM, COYOTE,GREEN, BLACK , TITANIUM AND VCAM BLACK. For £69.95, it is a right bargain! Currently available at (shameless plug). The only modification I have made on mine is I have changed out the original mesh Cummerbund for the VX elastic magazine cummerbund so that it has more give to it and I can slip it on and off which ease. 

Not a fan of a plate carrier, no worries! A chest rig might be perfect for you! Personally the best rigs I have manage to find are  very similar to each other design wise. These are the TMC modular Lightweight Chest Rig and the Viper VX Utility Rig, both are lightweight and extremely efficient.  You do get the added bonus with the TMC rig, that you get M4 Mag inserts included, however this isn't too much of an issue as mag inserts cost a max of £6 and can get many variants such as SMG and Pistol mags.  Looking a back pack for hydration and random tactical crap, never fear as the Viper VX charger pack is here! This will clip straight onto the VX Utility Rig and should also fit the TMC rig but may require the slight modification on the clips. 

If you have got through till this point, congratulations! I hope I haven't bored you to death. Right, whilst I've got your attention let's talk about belts. Now admit it, it's all happened to us... Game on has been called, we have ran like billio to get to that objective however our battle belt has had other feckin ideas and is ascending down to the floor, meaning any second now your gonna hit the ground like a sack of s***. Well no more ladies! We have put those dark days behind us and upgraded to an FRV tailoring shooter belt. With its strong inner Velcro  belt, this shooter belt ain't budging, no matter how much you load onto it. I personally run mine with a WAS Left Handed Universal Holster, a WAS dump pound, WAS Utility pouch and Kydex AR and Pistol Mag pouches. The belt does come with a solid cobra belt buckle which is rated up to 4000lbs. This is one of the very few belts, I have found that doesn't rub on my hips after a long days airsoft.
check them out here. 

So with that being said, we will wrap up part 1 of this 2 part series! Join me next time, where  we talk about how many pairs of trousers I've split mid game to find the perfect pair (yeah that happened). Thank you so much for reading! 

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My Work experience at Combat UK/ OnlyAirsoft!

On Monday I was nervous to start my experience at Combat UK/OnlyAirsoft. The day started off as I walked into the doors of the shop, then I had been taken up to up to the Combat UK store to start the day. Firstly I was introduced to the staff who I was working with that day and had a tour around the shop to get used to where everything is. Next, I had cleaned the displays to make sure that they are clean and looking good. The day went on a bit and then we had got some new boxes of stock come into the store, so then we were putting out the stock in the correct places to maintain the stock within the store. As the day went by I was shown how to put stock into the system and how the system works.


The next day had come and I was less nervous as I had got to know some of the staff. I had started by going to the store I was in on Monday and had settled in. I had cleaned the store to make sure the displays are looking good. Next, I was learning about how they use social media and how they can interact with their customers through social media. After that, I was put to the test and was given a task to post there next post about what sites they would be at this weekend. And I succeeded! So my post had gone onto the social media platforms. Further on in the day, I was setting up a photo shoot which had a John Wick theme. The final task I had for the day was to start creating this blog.


Before I knew it I was halfway through my week of working here. This day I was in the OnlyAirsoft store. I had started out by cleaning the cabinets and making sure all the weapons were in the correct places and was not damaged. Towards the middle of the day, I was shown how to do the sales and was able to help people who were interested in anything.  I had done a few sales and at the end of the day was able to use their sales system and I had helped out with a big sale that day.


The next day I went around making sure that the weapons were not damaged and were in the correct places. As well as this I had helped people around the store using my knowledge of what I know to help them as much as I could. I was able to make some sales to some of the customers. Furthermore, I had met some of the regulars that come into the store. Everybody I have met so far has been really friendly and have made me feel welcome. Towards the end of the day, I helped a customer pick out his first pistol and put the sale the system. this was the first proper sale I had done where I helped him pick out his weapon.


So this is my last day, I don’t want to go as I have had so much fun with my experience working with the staff at Combat UK and OnlyAirsoft and don’t want to go back to school. Today I have been writing up this blog throughout the day as well as, doing sales to people.


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Respect your photographer! – Ems

Since starting at OnlyAirsoft in October, I’ve become a bit of a workaholic! What can I say, I love my job and (not to sound too big headed) but I am incredibly grateful I am able to work where I do. However, when I do have a do off I do enjoy visiting sites and taking photos of you lovely lot. Photography is something that I slowly got into throughout my childhood, with many hours spent with a camera in my hands. Take it from me, flowers are soooo much easier to shoot than Airsofters!

After a lot of hard work, practice and tutoring from the Jedi Master of Photography himself; Stuart Manks, I am finally at the stage where I am slowly at a point where I like my work. But what is really like to be an amateur photographer in Airsoft? What properly grinds my gears about being an amateur photographer?  Find out below!


“It can’t be that hard, all you do is just press a button right?”

WRONG! If I had a fiver for every time someone said that I would be a millionaire. There is a lot more involved than that, and I honestly don’t think people truly understand how many hours of work go into it.

Typically the majority of my work at the moment, it is taken at Halo Mill: Proving Grounds and Rift: Coms Site 3. Now if you’ve ever been to Proving Grounds from the Stevenage area, you’ll know it’s 3-hour drive! That’s a long way y’all!  Once you arrive, then begins the part of the day that can only be described as “total wipeout”. After crawling and sliding around in the mud, going from objective to objective, being shot to shit, to take hopefully awesome photos. Then the 3-hour drive (maybe more if you get stuck in Sunday traffic) home just to sit at a computer for hours editing. Now thankfully, for my proving grounds photos, Stu does the majority of the edits but this isn’t always the case.

So why do I do it? I get it you’ve probably just read my mini rant and thought why do you put yourself through that? Well firstly, it awesome! There is nothing more satisfying than looking back at your work and thinking “I am so pleased with this!”. Secondly, it helps my stress levels and has a positive impact on my mental health. I feel at my most relaxed and freest with a camera in my hands shooting airsofter. Finally, I feel as if my photos help grow this community for the best because the players go home with cool photos and show their friends which encourages more people to slowly get into the sport.




And now the part you’ve all been waiting for, Emma goes into full-on rant mode! If you ask any photographer in airsoft, they have probably experienced at least one of this list.

Getting messages asking if the photos are posted 20 minutes after leaving the game day

This has now happened to me on several occasions where I have been having a cheeky pint in the pub after a long day of airsoft and I get messages asking when the photos are going to be uploaded. To be fair to players, I don’t think the majority of them realize that most photographers have actual jobs and that the site photography is only a part-time hobby, which we don’t get paid for.  All I would say if just think before messaging the photographer. You don’t know what’s going on day to day for them and editing photos might not be their top priority.

“Are there any more photos?”

After how many hours of painstakingly checking through each photo and editing the photos that have made the grade. You always seem to get that one message that goes along the general lines of this… “Is there going to be any more photos, as there aren’t any of me. I’m sure someone pointed a camera at me.” Ok firstly, I would only post photos that I am 100% happy with as it is my reputation and my work that will be judged at the end of the day. Secondly, yes the camera might have been in your general direction however the focus point could have been something else.


Photo Credit

Ah man, this one properly sucks and it’s such a small thing today. As photographers, we utilize social media to promote our work to the world. It is absolutely awesome to us when our work is posted on different social media platforms by you guys! It shows that we have done an ok job 🙂 However, I sadly often come across photos I have taken without the adequate photo credit being given. It is incredibly frustrating as so much work goes into the photos that we produce. Now I am no angel, I have been done it in the past, but it’s not until you step behind the lense that you truly understand. So my advice! Credit your photographers and if you don’t know the photographer’s name, just drop a message to the site.  They will be able to help you.

Cropping out watermarks

Following on from photo credit, we have cutting out watermarks. I haven’t had to experience this that much thankfully but I know friends that have. I do understand that different format sizing on various social media platforms does restrict how photos look when posting, however more and more images are having watermarks cropped out of them. Now 9 times out of 10 if you are really bothered about a watermark, photographers will have an unwatermarked version available (sometimes at for a small fee) that they will be able to send across to you. If not, just drop them a message and explain the situation to them. I would prefer the heads up, then just to come across it.


RANT OVER! Thank the lord! The end meaning behind this whole piece is purely to spread the message to respect and credit your photographer. They work extremely hard to make you look good and make sure you have a memory of the day that you can show off to your mates. Thank you for reading and see you on the next one!


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What Yo Rocking?! – Ems

With working at Combat UK/ Only Airsoft, customers often  ask, “What do you wear to airsoft?” And just like that BOOM! An inspirational blog post for your next loadout!


When I personally play, I like to keep my loadout quite chilling and lightweight, as my playstyle is quite fast. Chillsoft… It’s the greatest! To start off my loadout, I wear my LBX ranger green combat trousers RELIGIOUSLY! They are by fast the comfiest and durable trousers ever. I would wear them all the time if I could. Normally I will pair this with either a Viper Fleece Hoodie in with black or Titanium. If the weather is more forgiving, I have my Brewdog Beer Baseball Tshirt because  beer… Need I say more.


Moving onto my rig itself, I pair my TMC Modular Lightweight chest rig with my Viper Buckle Up Charger Pack, which is available in our clothing store. I’ve always been a firm believer that gear does not need to cost the earth and  I’m a northern so I’m tight when it comes to money LOL. For my belt set up, I run an FRV Tailoring Cobra Shooters belt with a Warrior Medium Molle Utility Pouch, a Warrior Roller Up Dump Pouch, Kydex Pistol Mag Pouches and a Custom Kydex Pistol Holster. I’m a bit boring when it comes to the colour of my rig as it’s a whole load of Coyote Brown. I personally prefer wearing solid colours rather than camo, with the blunt explanation being I’m larger lass and camo does nothing for my figure.

For my helmet (when I want to feel totally operator) I run an FMA Team Wendy Style Exfil Helmet which has a custom paint job. In addition to this, for earpro and coms, I use the 3M Peltor ComTac XPI whilst are attached to my lid with Exfil Helmet Peltor Helmet Adaptors. On the back of the lid, I run a FMA counterweight pouch that I can stuff all the wires from my earpro. I have paired this all with my Venom Tactical snood and Wiley X Saber Advanced with Vemon Pink Lenses. I personally love these eyepro, as not only are they comfortable and don’t fog up but the pink lense means I can see better in lower light. Perfect for CQB!

To finish off the clothing and gear part of my loadout, I have my trusty Salomon Women’s Quest Prime Gore-Tex Boots, which give me the full ankle support I need for airsoft and everyday life. Man these boots have been abused!

Get your guns out

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the guns! One question I must get asked on a daily basis is “Working in a gun shop, you must have loads of gun!”, however, believe it or not, I actually don’t!

TM M4A1 Socom Recoil Shock –  

Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a soft spot for a classic. Originally I got the TM as I wanted a milsim gun with that had that aspect of realism. However, it is quickly becoming my everyday skirmish gun and I love it! Internals whilst, the only thing that has been changed is the barrel and hop rubber and to be honest it will probably stay this way. My Forever Gun. 


My CQB gun of choice. Unlike my simplistic TM, internally pretty much everything has been upgraded or replaced. With a Wolverine Gen 2 Spartan HPA engine and the help of our lovely Airsoft Monkeys, we made a HPA beast! It has also had the hop and the unit itself replaced with a MapleLeaf rubber and Max Hop Unit. In addition to this, a purple speed trigger and a sound hog has been fitted. This ARP is the definition of obnoxious.

ASG SP-01 Shadow –  

We all remember our first… pistol I mean. This competition spec pistol was the first I ever bought and will always remain in my collection. Its full metal exterior gives it that realistic feel that I love in a pistol. It performs fantastic on both Co2 and Green Gas (I much prefer red) and it is all round reliable. 

SAI Hi-Capa 4.3 –  

The snappiest pistol I have ever owned! Sleek, elegant and gives a satisfying kick. Out of all the pistols I have ever owned, it will always be my all time favourite and the one I reach for every time. The only internal upgrades I have made to this particular pistol is replacing the original rubber for a MapleLeaf, so that it is able to lift the heavier weight bbs with ease. 

Most of the items mentioned are available from Combat UK/ OnlyAirsoft.

See you on the next one!





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It’s quite nice when someone comes up to you and asks about your gear. Let’s face it a lot of us spend forever trying to get our look and it’s nice when it’s appreciated.

So as a few people have asked I’m going to do a kit list for what I run and why:

Let’s start with the face, normally I’ll run a cap to protect my head slightly from the rain of bbs that normally come my way.

Revision shadowstrike glasses as eyepro in woodland with a viper lower mesh or a Dye i5 in blue for close quarters. My best advice is full face definitely and you can never spend enough when it comes to eye pro.

Torso – we’ve got t-shirt or hoodie depending on the weather with a Haley strategic D3CRM Rig and Flatpack combo. Similar to this would be the Viper VX rig and Viper VX Buckle Up Charger Pack (for a fraction of the price!) I run these because they’re lightweight so running around in summer they’re awesome!

Legs – either 5.11 Jeans with extra 5.56 magazine pockets or Emerson gear G3 Combat Pants in M81 pattern. The jeans are normally for building fighting but the Emersons are really comfy everywhere and the knee pads make for amazing protection from those bbs on the floor that always manage to find the soft spots. These are accompanied by a Bigfoot drop leg with Nuprol holster for whichever pistol I’m running that day.

Feet – A big pair of socks with some Viper Elite Boots in Coyote. These boots are hardwearing and offer good ankle protection due to the height of the boot.

Weapon systems:

TM VSR10 Gspec – A stock TM Gspec shooting around 318 fps. It makes for a ridiculously quiet tool for sneaking around and picking people off at a distance.

TM Type 89 – Modified to give a greater trigger response this non-recoil TM can handle 11.1v lipos with ease, making for a stable assault platform for those medium to long range engagements.

G&G ARP9 – Heavily modified with the same reinforced parts you’d normally put in a light machine gun the airsoft monkeys have bumped up its rate of fire and made it into quite the monster.

Tippmann M4 – Set up for HPA the Tippmann is unique in the fact that it is basically a gas gun but using AEG magazines, giving you a full recoil feeling whilst being able to use most of your existing magazines.

TM MP7 AEP – For those close quarter fast-paced games the TM MP7 AEP is an easy platform to run. Its small size and small magazines make it easy to pop around doors and catch people out while the small magazine sizes mean you can carry multiple on you at once without worrying about space on your rig.

Bolt MP5 – An electric recoil MP5, There’s nothing like the feeling of popping around a corner and feeling that recoil in your shoulder especially from a gun as cool as the MP5 .

Frenchi Spring Shotgun –  The veteran of the group having been in my collection for 7 years and counting. Reliable, cheap and easy are the best ways to describe it. With it’s 40 to 50m range this tri shot always impresses no matter what weather. It’s always in my box as a backup should anything go wrong.


TM Glock 19 – Compact, Lightweight, easy to use. The Glock is reliable and can even hop 0.30 bbs quite comfortably. This has become my go-to on my drop leg due to its size and just how easy it is to use.

ASG Shadow 2 – The newest to the collection and I’ll admit mainly for target shooting the shadow 2 looks impressive with its full metal build and blue highlights. Designed for target shooting it comes standard with a co2 magazine, but gas ones are also readily available.

Custom Highcapa – So this is my personal little project taking 3 highcapas and making them into one. My 7-year-old TM base made for an ideal lower as I have lots of TM magazines available whilst the salient upper slide allows for me to pump higher pressure gasses and co2 through the magazines. The maple leaf hop up chamber and bucking then lifts those higher weight pellets making it a wonderful hybrid for both target shooting and skirmish.

KJ Works P226 – Reliable and heavy. This is one pistol you know you’ve got with you as you can feel the weight, but it has never let me down so I don’t mind running it especially when in close quarters with multiple weapons. this sits behind me on a Nuprol Paddle Holster just in case things go bad.



Most of these are available from Combat-UK OnlyAirsoft.



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ASG Trip!

Anyone who follows us on social media will know that three lucky members of Combat UK Onlyairsoft staff went across to ASG headquarters to get some technical training.

All I can say is I am impressed! From seeing the Scorpion Evo production to its impressive quality control. The whole production line was definitely a sight to see.

Day 1

Landing in Copenhagen we set off on the train into the city for some exploration, taking in some of the sights and sounds of a very picturesque country. We stopped at a cafe for some food which i can vouch for the Danish they have amazing food, the whole trip we didn’t have a bad or even average meal. Everything is prepared fresh and is amazing, but back to it, we explored some more found the dragon fountain and the palace. then headed to the train station to travel to the hotel. Once there we settled in for the experience ahead, the ASG main office.

Day 2

So in we went tech novices into the repair and servicing workshop with two awesome technicians to learn all that we can in three days.

First up were revolvers, sounds simple enough considering how simple it looks on the outside, but inside, however, they are a work of art. each component working to help the other and push the bb out of the barrel towards the target. We took them apart piece by piece and then reassembled the pieces one at a time. Then the time came to take them to the range to ensure we have put them together correctly. Pulled the hammer back, bang they fired the pellet down and hit the back wall. Success!


Next AEG an Armalite AR15 stripping it down to the gearbox, removing the spring and opening it up, gears removed we looked as shimming. All the small fiddly shims getting placed into position, grease here and there. Placing each part back into place and squeezing the gearbox shell back together ever so gently. then to the externals screws and pins pushing into place, all together and then back to the range. The gears spin,  pellets hitting the back wall. Success!


Day 3

The ASG PO9 sits on the table in front of us. Waiting to start the day. Yes, I can say they’re fiddly to put back together with springs and small parts needing to be held together, but how they work when you fire a shot… it’s nothing but amazing if there’s nothing else I could take away from this course it’s the new appreciation for how these amazing pieces of engineering function. The PO9 inner frame is a mesh of some very complex small parts that all work together to allow gas to flow. Together it went all the pieces one. off to the range, and bang. Success!

Last but not least was the ASG SSG69 P2 bolt action rifle needing a spring and barrel upgrade we took it apart barrel from body and cylinder from the receiver. Out came the spring and in went the new barrel. Quick clean and easy upgrades that upped it to 500FPS and lifting 0.40s with ease. We went to the outdoor range. Pulled the bolt, squeezed the trigger, ping. the 0.40 hit the metal target at the end. Success!

To sum it up

Denmark is a beautiful country from what I got to see with some of the best food I have ever had. But the main thing for me was being able to see the workings of one of these big manufacturers, to see how they operate and seeing their world is definitely a change. Being able to delve into the technical side under the guidance of the amazing team of technicians was astounding. Being free to strip down each gun to its bare parts and getting to understand all the inner workings as the parts are put back in place is an amazing privilege and a big thanks go out to all for allowing us to learn under them.


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Our Trip to ASG HQ!

2 newly qualified ASG techs , who would have thought it! But how did this happen? What did we get up to? Let’s give you the low down to an experience, which very few have been fortunate to experience.

As many of you may be aware (especially if you follow Combat UK/OnlyAirsoft on Facebook or Instagram) Myself, Keyring and one of our wonderful bosses Ida, recently went on our travels to the home of the Vikings! That’s right, we were lucky enough to go to the ASG Headquarters in Denmark, which I think we will agree was an incredible experience. If you have never been to Denmark before you definitely need to go, it’s beautiful! With stunning views of green for miles and picturesque villages, it is one of the few places where you can truly feel at peace and disconnected with the world.

Day En:

Upon our bumpy landing in Copenhagen, we took a train direct to the city center so that we could begin our afternoon of being typical British tourists and take a load of selfies with monuments. After wandering around in the glorious sunshine for several hours, we stopped for a seafood feast in a Danish cafe alongside the canal in Nyhavn. It is definitely worth mentioning the food in Denmark, it is the freshest food you have ever tasted in your life, prepared and cook with love and care.

Once we had completed our meals and realizing we only had 20 minutes to complete a 30-minute journey, we hot-footed it back to back to the main train station stumbling upon Christianborg Palace on the way. After meeting up with the lovely Paul from ASG, we made our way to our hotel in Snekkersten, where we were treated to a stunning 3-course dinner.

Day To:

After tackling a delicious breakfast, we made our way to ASG HQ to begin Day one of our tech course. Our day began with a 10 senses tour, in which we met all the staff and how their jobs play a vital roll in the day to day running of the business. Next, we had a tour of the warehouse, wherein particular we were shown the process that their blaster bbs go through before being sent out. Then the teching began, firstly with revolvers. At first glance, you would assume from there simplistic design their internals would be similar.   I never thought in a MILLION years, they a revolver had so many parts to it! It’s mental!  After mastering the Classic Dan Weston 6 ” and the slightly more tactical 715 4″, we then moved onto AEGs.

Finally! Something I am confident about dissembling WOOHOO! (Thank you to Reece and Phil for giving me a sneaky extra lesson in advance!)  So well as dissembling and assembling the rifle, we also learned about diagnosing potential issues and service maintenance that you may have to do on an AEG, which was absolutely fascinating. And then the dreaded shimming… god I hate it! Thankfully Jebba is the master of shimming and guided us through it step by step.  It is very much an art form in itself.

Once we had completed our training for the day, it was off for dinner in Helsingor to this INCREDIBLE BBQ/ Steak house with Team ASG. Uh Oh Food Baby Alert! I have never eaten so much in my life, I could have rolled back to the hotel!

Day Tre:

Just like a snap of the fingers, day 3 was upon us! Our final day of the day not only at ASG but of the trip of a lifetime. The day began with one of the most complex and fiddly pistols I have ever taken apart… The P09. Unless you have taken one of these apart to its bare bones (NO not just the slide, I mean EVERYTHING!) you won’t understand how challenging they are to put back together.  It far to say I swore a lot to myself, whilst attempting to fit the inner frame back into the lower frame of the pistol. Nevertheless, the whole experience does make to appreciate the amazing design and engineering that goes into creating a pistol such as this. It makes the perseverance and determination worth it once you have it back together and it fires. YESSS! *Fist Pump


Next Bolt Action Sniper Rifles! For this part of the course, we got to upgrade the ASG SSG69 which needed a spring and barrel change. I’m not going to beat around the bush, until this point I had never taken apart a bolt action so I was particularly nervous going into it. It did take a few attempts and the encouragement of Keyring and Jebba, the new barrel and spring went in with ease. After reassembling the rifle, we were able to take it out on ASG outdoor range,  so we were able to see how our upgrades had made a difference to performance.

And then we were qualified! What a rewarding feeling it was!

Let’s sum things up!

To sum the whole experience up, I feel very blessed and honoured for the whole experience! From being able to see how much ASG do in house to the teching side, it was incredible. At this point, I would like to say a massive to both the lovely team at ASG for their amazing hospitality and secondly to our bosses who made this trip possible!

See you on the next one!