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Such as my life in the 10+ years in airsoft….

March 26, 2020 - Uncategorized

Such as my life in the 10+ years in airsoft….

Well let’s start from the beginning

It all began with a very close friend of mine started talking about airsoft while we were on our lunch break, at first I thought he was talking about paintball (please don’t hate on that comment), but then when I had finished my shift I started where anyone else would do and googled it. It opened my eyes to a whole different world, being that the fact I was 18 and call of duty modern warfare was the in thing I was hooked.
The next day I said to him I want to go play airsoft but I didn’t have any of the gear at all, luckily he had been playing a few years prior soo he had all the gear and happily lent me some.

After I had played I was looking at all the different guns everything was on there: all the m4s you could ever want, ak’s, g36’s, mp5’s, ect. The gun I chose as my first was an AUG…… I know, I know, some people absolutely despise them and some love them. She was my baby I adored everything about it, granted my one was a JG variant (as I couldn’t afford a Tokyo mauri). But I’ve never been in an airsoft shop at this point as none were local to me at the time if there was one like Onlyairsoft maybe my choice would have been different.

The AUG is a bullpup and being a bullpup it had its pros and cons, bullpup means long barrel so you can get decent range in a compact form. However that means that the gearbox is at the back of the RIF, basically when you are lining up the shot and pull the trigger you do hear the gearbox a lot more.

The clothing side of things never really attracted me at the starting point. So all I used to wear were a £10 DPM bottoms and top set off of amazon and a borrowed vest (O how things have changed). Again maybe if there was a shop like Onlyairsoft closer to me I might have been more persuaded into getting some better gear.
So fast forward about 4-6 months, my friend who has got me into the sport says “hey fancy trying to get this possible game site up and running.” Hell yeah I do! So we get quite a few of us together and starting trying out the land as it were. There were only 12 of us but it was a good laugh. The site was brand new to airsoft it was an outdoor pursuit’s sort of establishment, so it done clay pigeon shooting, archery, air rifle target shooting and more. They agreed to keep on letting us play to keep on playing to try and get it all set up.

Fast forward again and the site is up and running really good turnout for the opening game day more than what I’m used to but I know the land which is going to be fantastic and a home field advantage. I’ll never forget that day it was blistering hot and the rye fields had just been harvested that morning everything was going so well except when I decided to lay down. And my face pretty much immediately puffed out. But it didn’t put me off of playing at all.
Airsoft was in my blood at this point I know it’s a sport that I will carry on but I didn’t know how things would turn out.
On part 2 of this blog I will go through a lot of changes mostly becoming a marshall and get my first real taste of teching. I leave you with the picture of my face after that day my face looked like I went through 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Peace out.