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My Work experience at Combat UK/ OnlyAirsoft!

On Monday I was nervous to start my experience at Combat UK/OnlyAirsoft. The day started off as I walked into the doors of the shop, then I had been taken up to up to the Combat UK store to start the day. Firstly I was introduced to the staff who I was working with that day and had a tour around the shop to get used to where everything is. Next, I had cleaned the displays to make sure that they are clean and looking good. The day went on a bit and then we had got some new boxes of stock come into the store, so then we were putting out the stock in the correct places to maintain the stock within the store. As the day went by I was shown how to put stock into the system and how the system works.


The next day had come and I was less nervous as I had got to know some of the staff. I had started by going to the store I was in on Monday and had settled in. I had cleaned the store to make sure the displays are looking good. Next, I was learning about how they use social media and how they can interact with their customers through social media. After that, I was put to the test and was given a task to post there next post about what sites they would be at this weekend. And I succeeded! So my post had gone onto the social media platforms. Further on in the day, I was setting up a photo shoot which had a John Wick theme. The final task I had for the day was to start creating this blog.


Before I knew it I was halfway through my week of working here. This day I was in the OnlyAirsoft store. I had started out by cleaning the cabinets and making sure all the weapons were in the correct places and was not damaged. Towards the middle of the day, I was shown how to do the sales and was able to help people who were interested in anything.  I had done a few sales and at the end of the day was able to use their sales system and I had helped out with a big sale that day.


The next day I went around making sure that the weapons were not damaged and were in the correct places. As well as this I had helped people around the store using my knowledge of what I know to help them as much as I could. I was able to make some sales to some of the customers. Furthermore, I had met some of the regulars that come into the store. Everybody I have met so far has been really friendly and have made me feel welcome. Towards the end of the day, I helped a customer pick out his first pistol and put the sale the system. this was the first proper sale I had done where I helped him pick out his weapon.


So this is my last day, I don’t want to go as I have had so much fun with my experience working with the staff at Combat UK and OnlyAirsoft and don’t want to go back to school. Today I have been writing up this blog throughout the day as well as, doing sales to people.


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