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What Yo Rocking?! – Ems

With working at Combat UK/ Only Airsoft, customers often  ask, “What do you wear to airsoft?” And just like that BOOM! An inspirational blog post for your next loadout!


When I personally play, I like to keep my loadout quite chilling and lightweight, as my playstyle is quite fast. Chillsoft… It’s the greatest! To start off my loadout, I wear my LBX ranger green combat trousers RELIGIOUSLY! They are by fast the comfiest and durable trousers ever. I would wear them all the time if I could. Normally I will pair this with either a Viper Fleece Hoodie in with black or Titanium. If the weather is more forgiving, I have my Brewdog Beer Baseball Tshirt because  beer… Need I say more.


Moving onto my rig itself, I pair my TMC Modular Lightweight chest rig with my Viper Buckle Up Charger Pack, which is available in our clothing store. I’ve always been a firm believer that gear does not need to cost the earth and  I’m a northern so I’m tight when it comes to money LOL. For my belt set up, I run an FRV Tailoring Cobra Shooters belt with a Warrior Medium Molle Utility Pouch, a Warrior Roller Up Dump Pouch, Kydex Pistol Mag Pouches and a Custom Kydex Pistol Holster. I’m a bit boring when it comes to the colour of my rig as it’s a whole load of Coyote Brown. I personally prefer wearing solid colours rather than camo, with the blunt explanation being I’m larger lass and camo does nothing for my figure.

For my helmet (when I want to feel totally operator) I run an FMA Team Wendy Style Exfil Helmet which has a custom paint job. In addition to this, for earpro and coms, I use the 3M Peltor ComTac XPI whilst are attached to my lid with Exfil Helmet Peltor Helmet Adaptors. On the back of the lid, I run a FMA counterweight pouch that I can stuff all the wires from my earpro. I have paired this all with my Venom Tactical snood and Wiley X Saber Advanced with Vemon Pink Lenses. I personally love these eyepro, as not only are they comfortable and don’t fog up but the pink lense means I can see better in lower light. Perfect for CQB!

To finish off the clothing and gear part of my loadout, I have my trusty Salomon Women’s Quest Prime Gore-Tex Boots, which give me the full ankle support I need for airsoft and everyday life. Man these boots have been abused!

Get your guns out

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the guns! One question I must get asked on a daily basis is “Working in a gun shop, you must have loads of gun!”, however, believe it or not, I actually don’t!

TM M4A1 Socom Recoil Shock –  

Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a soft spot for a classic. Originally I got the TM as I wanted a milsim gun with that had that aspect of realism. However, it is quickly becoming my everyday skirmish gun and I love it! Internals whilst, the only thing that has been changed is the barrel and hop rubber and to be honest it will probably stay this way. My Forever Gun. 


My CQB gun of choice. Unlike my simplistic TM, internally pretty much everything has been upgraded or replaced. With a Wolverine Gen 2 Spartan HPA engine and the help of our lovely Airsoft Monkeys, we made a HPA beast! It has also had the hop and the unit itself replaced with a MapleLeaf rubber and Max Hop Unit. In addition to this, a purple speed trigger and a sound hog has been fitted. This ARP is the definition of obnoxious.

ASG SP-01 Shadow –  

We all remember our first… pistol I mean. This competition spec pistol was the first I ever bought and will always remain in my collection. Its full metal exterior gives it that realistic feel that I love in a pistol. It performs fantastic on both Co2 and Green Gas (I much prefer red) and it is all round reliable. 

SAI Hi-Capa 4.3 –  

The snappiest pistol I have ever owned! Sleek, elegant and gives a satisfying kick. Out of all the pistols I have ever owned, it will always be my all time favourite and the one I reach for every time. The only internal upgrades I have made to this particular pistol is replacing the original rubber for a MapleLeaf, so that it is able to lift the heavier weight bbs with ease. 

Most of the items mentioned are available from Combat UK/ OnlyAirsoft.

See you on the next one!





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