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It’s quite nice when someone comes up to you and asks about your gear. Let’s face it a lot of us spend forever trying to get our look and it’s nice when it’s appreciated.

So as a few people have asked I’m going to do a kit list for what I run and why:

Let’s start with the face, normally I’ll run a cap to protect my head slightly from the rain of bbs that normally come my way.

Revision shadowstrike glasses as eyepro in woodland with a viper lower mesh or a Dye i5 in blue for close quarters. My best advice is full face definitely and you can never spend enough when it comes to eye pro.

Torso – we’ve got t-shirt or hoodie depending on the weather with a Haley strategic D3CRM Rig and Flatpack combo. Similar to this would be the Viper VX rig and Viper VX Buckle Up Charger Pack (for a fraction of the price!) I run these because they’re lightweight so running around in summer they’re awesome!

Legs – either 5.11 Jeans with extra 5.56 magazine pockets or Emerson gear G3 Combat Pants in M81 pattern. The jeans are normally for building fighting but the Emersons are really comfy everywhere and the knee pads make for amazing protection from those bbs on the floor that always manage to find the soft spots. These are accompanied by a Bigfoot drop leg with Nuprol holster for whichever pistol I’m running that day.

Feet – A big pair of socks with some Viper Elite Boots in Coyote. These boots are hardwearing and offer good ankle protection due to the height of the boot.

Weapon systems:

TM VSR10 Gspec – A stock TM Gspec shooting around 318 fps. It makes for a ridiculously quiet tool for sneaking around and picking people off at a distance.

TM Type 89 – Modified to give a greater trigger response this non-recoil TM can handle 11.1v lipos with ease, making for a stable assault platform for those medium to long range engagements.

G&G ARP9 – Heavily modified with the same reinforced parts you’d normally put in a light machine gun the airsoft monkeys have bumped up its rate of fire and made it into quite the monster.

Tippmann M4 – Set up for HPA the Tippmann is unique in the fact that it is basically a gas gun but using AEG magazines, giving you a full recoil feeling whilst being able to use most of your existing magazines.

TM MP7 AEP – For those close quarter fast-paced games the TM MP7 AEP is an easy platform to run. Its small size and small magazines make it easy to pop around doors and catch people out while the small magazine sizes mean you can carry multiple on you at once without worrying about space on your rig.

Bolt MP5 – An electric recoil MP5, There’s nothing like the feeling of popping around a corner and feeling that recoil in your shoulder especially from a gun as cool as the MP5 .

Frenchi Spring Shotgun –  The veteran of the group having been in my collection for 7 years and counting. Reliable, cheap and easy are the best ways to describe it. With it’s 40 to 50m range this tri shot always impresses no matter what weather. It’s always in my box as a backup should anything go wrong.


TM Glock 19 – Compact, Lightweight, easy to use. The Glock is reliable and can even hop 0.30 bbs quite comfortably. This has become my go-to on my drop leg due to its size and just how easy it is to use.

ASG Shadow 2 – The newest to the collection and I’ll admit mainly for target shooting the shadow 2 looks impressive with its full metal build and blue highlights. Designed for target shooting it comes standard with a co2 magazine, but gas ones are also readily available.

Custom Highcapa – So this is my personal little project taking 3 highcapas and making them into one. My 7-year-old TM base made for an ideal lower as I have lots of TM magazines available whilst the salient upper slide allows for me to pump higher pressure gasses and co2 through the magazines. The maple leaf hop up chamber and bucking then lifts those higher weight pellets making it a wonderful hybrid for both target shooting and skirmish.

KJ Works P226 – Reliable and heavy. This is one pistol you know you’ve got with you as you can feel the weight, but it has never let me down so I don’t mind running it especially when in close quarters with multiple weapons. this sits behind me on a Nuprol Paddle Holster just in case things go bad.



Most of these are available from Combat-UK OnlyAirsoft.



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