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ASG Trip!

Anyone who follows us on social media will know that three lucky members of Combat UK Onlyairsoft staff went across to ASG headquarters to get some technical training.

All I can say is I am impressed! From seeing the Scorpion Evo production to its impressive quality control. The whole production line was definitely a sight to see.

Day 1

Landing in Copenhagen we set off on the train into the city for some exploration, taking in some of the sights and sounds of a very picturesque country. We stopped at a cafe for some food which i can vouch for the Danish they have amazing food, the whole trip we didn’t have a bad or even average meal. Everything is prepared fresh and is amazing, but back to it, we explored some more found the dragon fountain and the palace. then headed to the train station to travel to the hotel. Once there we settled in for the experience ahead, the ASG main office.

Day 2

So in we went tech novices into the repair and servicing workshop with two awesome technicians to learn all that we can in three days.

First up were revolvers, sounds simple enough considering how simple it looks on the outside, but inside, however, they are a work of art. each component working to help the other and push the bb out of the barrel towards the target. We took them apart piece by piece and then reassembled the pieces one at a time. Then the time came to take them to the range to ensure we have put them together correctly. Pulled the hammer back, bang they fired the pellet down and hit the back wall. Success!


Next AEG an Armalite AR15 stripping it down to the gearbox, removing the spring and opening it up, gears removed we looked as shimming. All the small fiddly shims getting placed into position, grease here and there. Placing each part back into place and squeezing the gearbox shell back together ever so gently. then to the externals screws and pins pushing into place, all together and then back to the range. The gears spin,  pellets hitting the back wall. Success!


Day 3

The ASG PO9 sits on the table in front of us. Waiting to start the day. Yes, I can say they’re fiddly to put back together with springs and small parts needing to be held together, but how they work when you fire a shot… it’s nothing but amazing if there’s nothing else I could take away from this course it’s the new appreciation for how these amazing pieces of engineering function. The PO9 inner frame is a mesh of some very complex small parts that all work together to allow gas to flow. Together it went all the pieces one. off to the range, and bang. Success!

Last but not least was the ASG SSG69 P2 bolt action rifle needing a spring and barrel upgrade we took it apart barrel from body and cylinder from the receiver. Out came the spring and in went the new barrel. Quick clean and easy upgrades that upped it to 500FPS and lifting 0.40s with ease. We went to the outdoor range. Pulled the bolt, squeezed the trigger, ping. the 0.40 hit the metal target at the end. Success!

To sum it up

Denmark is a beautiful country from what I got to see with some of the best food I have ever had. But the main thing for me was being able to see the workings of one of these big manufacturers, to see how they operate and seeing their world is definitely a change. Being able to delve into the technical side under the guidance of the amazing team of technicians was astounding. Being free to strip down each gun to its bare parts and getting to understand all the inner workings as the parts are put back in place is an amazing privilege and a big thanks go out to all for allowing us to learn under them.


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