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Our Trip to ASG HQ!

2 newly qualified ASG techs , who would have thought it! But how did this happen? What did we get up to? Let’s give you the low down to an experience, which very few have been fortunate to experience.

As many of you may be aware (especially if you follow Combat UK/OnlyAirsoft on Facebook or Instagram) Myself, Keyring and one of our wonderful bosses Ida, recently went on our travels to the home of the Vikings! That’s right, we were lucky enough to go to the ASG Headquarters in Denmark, which I think we will agree was an incredible experience. If you have never been to Denmark before you definitely need to go, it’s beautiful! With stunning views of green for miles and picturesque villages, it is one of the few places where you can truly feel at peace and disconnected with the world.

Day En:

Upon our bumpy landing in Copenhagen, we took a train direct to the city center so that we could begin our afternoon of being typical British tourists and take a load of selfies with monuments. After wandering around in the glorious sunshine for several hours, we stopped for a seafood feast in a Danish cafe alongside the canal in Nyhavn. It is definitely worth mentioning the food in Denmark, it is the freshest food you have ever tasted in your life, prepared and cook with love and care.

Once we had completed our meals and realizing we only had 20 minutes to complete a 30-minute journey, we hot-footed it back to back to the main train station stumbling upon Christianborg Palace on the way. After meeting up with the lovely Paul from ASG, we made our way to our hotel in Snekkersten, where we were treated to a stunning 3-course dinner.

Day To:

After tackling a delicious breakfast, we made our way to ASG HQ to begin Day one of our tech course. Our day began with a 10 senses tour, in which we met all the staff and how their jobs play a vital roll in the day to day running of the business. Next, we had a tour of the warehouse, wherein particular we were shown the process that their blaster bbs go through before being sent out. Then the teching began, firstly with revolvers. At first glance, you would assume from there simplistic design their internals would be similar.   I never thought in a MILLION years, they a revolver had so many parts to it! It’s mental!  After mastering the Classic Dan Weston 6 ” and the slightly more tactical 715 4″, we then moved onto AEGs.

Finally! Something I am confident about dissembling WOOHOO! (Thank you to Reece and Phil for giving me a sneaky extra lesson in advance!)  So well as dissembling and assembling the rifle, we also learned about diagnosing potential issues and service maintenance that you may have to do on an AEG, which was absolutely fascinating. And then the dreaded shimming… god I hate it! Thankfully Jebba is the master of shimming and guided us through it step by step.  It is very much an art form in itself.

Once we had completed our training for the day, it was off for dinner in Helsingor to this INCREDIBLE BBQ/ Steak house with Team ASG. Uh Oh Food Baby Alert! I have never eaten so much in my life, I could have rolled back to the hotel!

Day Tre:

Just like a snap of the fingers, day 3 was upon us! Our final day of the day not only at ASG but of the trip of a lifetime. The day began with one of the most complex and fiddly pistols I have ever taken apart… The P09. Unless you have taken one of these apart to its bare bones (NO not just the slide, I mean EVERYTHING!) you won’t understand how challenging they are to put back together.  It far to say I swore a lot to myself, whilst attempting to fit the inner frame back into the lower frame of the pistol. Nevertheless, the whole experience does make to appreciate the amazing design and engineering that goes into creating a pistol such as this. It makes the perseverance and determination worth it once you have it back together and it fires. YESSS! *Fist Pump


Next Bolt Action Sniper Rifles! For this part of the course, we got to upgrade the ASG SSG69 which needed a spring and barrel change. I’m not going to beat around the bush, until this point I had never taken apart a bolt action so I was particularly nervous going into it. It did take a few attempts and the encouragement of Keyring and Jebba, the new barrel and spring went in with ease. After reassembling the rifle, we were able to take it out on ASG outdoor range,  so we were able to see how our upgrades had made a difference to performance.

And then we were qualified! What a rewarding feeling it was!

Let’s sum things up!

To sum the whole experience up, I feel very blessed and honoured for the whole experience! From being able to see how much ASG do in house to the teching side, it was incredible. At this point, I would like to say a massive to both the lovely team at ASG for their amazing hospitality and secondly to our bosses who made this trip possible!

See you on the next one!




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